WSM Law Entering the Blogging World

WSM Law Entering the Blogging World

Good Afternoon!

At long last WSM Law (that’s me, Wendy Meadows) is entering the legal news and blogging world.  For so long a lot of us have been wishing for a huge pause button to come along so we can get all of the (many) to do list items done.  For me?  I am using some of my “downtime” while the courts are closed to research and really think about what the people of Maryland need family-law wise. First step?  Create a place where I can reach you, provide information to you, and hopefully make the practice of family law a little more transparent.

Stay tuned for

  • Maryland Family Law News
  • Information on how the Court Process Works
  • How courts are viewing custody matters in light of COVID-19 and Governor Hogan’s Orders
  • Information on Collaborative Law
  • A “What Is” Series
    • What is a Consult?
    • What is Mediation?
    • What is Collaborative Law?
    • What is a Scheduling Conference?
    • What is a Settlement Conference?
    • What is Discovery?
    • What are these Interrogatories?  (Or, as my clients like to call them “Interrogations”)
    • What is a Deposition?
    • What is trial and why is so expensive?

The good news?  Not only am I looking forward to time to share News with you.  I am looking forward to virtually meeting with you.  I am one of the lucky few who have been using platforms such as Zoom since 2016 to conduct “virtual” meetings, consults, mediations, etc. and I am up and running to help you during this scary/hectic/crazy/unforeseen pandmeic.  If you would like to schedule a consult with me to go over your family law matter, please contact me here and we can schedule a time (usually about 90 minuets to 2 hours) to discuss your situation.

All the best and wishing you safety and security,