Wendy offers three types of Adoption Services:

  1. Readoption.  When you adopt a child from a foreign country, even though everything is formalized with the foreign adoption, and even though your child may have U.S. Citizenship, there is one more step to complete when you are back in Maryland.  Click here to read more.
  2. Step-Parent Adoption.  There are many instances where a step-parent would like to adopt their step-child as their own.  Either in cases where a biological parent has become deceased or is no longer involved in the child’s life.  We structure the adoption so the spouse married to the step-parent does not lose their parental rights.
  3. Second Parent Adoption.  Similar to a step-parent adoption, but in cases where the second parent may not be married to the legal parent or when a same-sex couple wants to ensure that each parent’s parental rights are protected.  Oftentimes, the need for a second-parent adoption arises when a lesbian partner uses donor sperm to conceive a child or when a male couple uses a gestational carrier and one of the parents is the biological parent.