In divorce situations, couples often enter into something called a Marital Settlement Agreement, or what attorneys refer to as an “MSA.” These agreements serve as a contract between the parties that guides how the parties will dissolve their marriage. They address custody, support, property division, retirement accounts, the home, the business, cars, bank accounts, taxes and even the family pet. Wendy can either draft this on your behalf or provide consultation and negotiation if your spouse has already had an MSA drafted for your review.

Prenuptial agreements are binding contracts that couples enter into prior to getting married. Oftentimes, one or both parties want to protect certain assets in the event of a divorce. This is most often the case when it is the parties’ second marriage, when one party has significant assets or if the parties simply want to “snapshot” what they have at the time of the marriage. In the event the parties did not have the time to draft a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage, or in the event an unexpected event happens during the course of the parties’ marriage, but the goal is to stay married, couples also have the opportunity to enter into something called a Postnuptial agreement.